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The Sons of Confederate Veterans present the 2009 S. D. Lee Institute

Stephen Dill Lee InstituteStephen Dill Lee Institute2009 Stephen Dill Lee Institute
Jefferson Davis vs. Abraham Lincoln
February 6 & 7 – Charleston, S.C.

Friday Evening

Edwin C. Bearss - A Conversation with Ed Bearss: The Assassination of Jefferson Davis—The Dahlgren Raid


Thomas DiLorenzo: Host and Moderator
Clyde Wilson - A Sacrifice for His People: Jefferson Davis’s Persecution and Imprisonment
Brian Cisco - Davis, Lincoln and the Rules of War

Marshall DeRosa -
The Confederate Experience in Constitutional Government
Kent Masterson Brown -
Jefferson Davis, Constitutionalist
Donald Livingston -
Davis, Lincoln and Liberty
Samuel C. Smith -
Davis, Lincoln and Christian Faith

The Stephen Dill Lee Institute will be held at the Hotel Francis Marion. Hotel reservations at a discounted rate can be made by calling the historic Hotel Francis Marion at 1-877-756-2121 or 1-843-722-0602 or by visiting their website at


$150 per person. $125 for SCV members and spouses (available for a limited time)
Includes breakfast, lunch and Saturday banquet

Register by calling The Sons of Confederate Veterans at 1-800-MY DIXIE (1-800-693-4943). For further information contact Brag Bowling at 804-389-3620