August Confederate Events and News

Confederate Heritage Labor Weekend Conference Laurel, MS.

  This annual Conference will be Labor Day Weekend Friday Sept 2- Saturday September 3, 2005. It will be held this year at the Deeper Life Church family center on Hwy 84 about 2 miles or less west of Laurel. We will have supper around 6pm and start the speakers around 7pm. This is the first time we have had a Friday nite supper, but we will get the meeting room free if we serve enough meals. Saturday we open the doors at 8am for visiting and buying from our vendors, The speakers will start around 9am.  We will have two or three speakers, than break for dinner at the family center.  after dinner we will have other speakers.

We break around 3 or 3:30 to rest and change to the Saturday nite Confederate

We have blocked off 25 rooms at the Comfort Suites in Laurel.  The 80.00 to 90.00 rooms can be had for 68.00 plus tax up until August 19, if you ask for the Southern Heritage Conference rates. The number is 601-649-2620.  They are nice rooms with a free continental breakfast.

Checks should be mailed to

Southern Heritage Conference  1010 Rogers Street Laurel, MS 39440

My office number is 601-649-1876 for any questions.  Ask for Carl, George, Jody, or Michelle.

Memphis - SAVE THE PARKS! 

The City of Memphis is considering renaming Confederate Parks and even digging up the graves of General Forrest and his wife.

News Articles on:  Memphis, Changing our Heritage


Mr. Turpin,   I commend your station on its fairness regarding a true portrayal of some of the facts surrounding General Forrest's life. Forrest was, if nothing else, a fascinating character, and indeed, a product of his times. (But then again, who isn't a "product of their times"?).    One thing which is not listed there but perhaps should be is that during the war, there were black men in Forrest's command, including 44 (or maybe 45) slaves from his own plantation, who were promised freedom for their services no matter which side won the war. Of those men, Forrest said to a northern reporter after the war, "Those boys stayed with me 'till the end, and finer Confederates never lived!"     Last October I was most fortunate to have a long distance phone conversation with a black man and life long SCV member whose grandfather, though a slave, served in General Forrest's Bodyguard. His name is Nelson Winbush and he resides in Kissimmee Florida. It was a thrill I will never forget!    The situation in your city is indeed a sad one from my perspective, being "confederate" in my orientation and an associate member of an SCV camp. Moreover, it is perhaps dangerous for all Americans, no matter what their view of the "General", for it opens the path to a slippery slope - Who knows what ?famous? Americans, currently revered, will be "targeted" 50 or 100 years from now?     Perhaps the best thing to do is simply "leave it alone". I did not follow this controversy from the very beginning, but I am willing to bet that the initial complaint was not a large outcry from any one segment of the population of Memphis, but rather a complaint by an individual or a small group of people, which escalated into the fiasco that it now is.    In the past, how many people have complained about that park's name? How many have cried foul over the location of General Forrest's grave? Did anyone do a head count as to how many people are actually "offended"? It has been my experience that left to themselves, most people, no matter what their ethnicity, will simply view something like this as "history". Indeed, my experience as a reenactor and living historian with visitors coming into camp shows that no matter what their race, people are generally fascinated by and enjoy what they see. The trouble comes when demagogues and trouble makers shoot their mouths off in trying to advance their own agendas. After that, people who would ordinarily not be of such a mind, run off to "choose ups sides" - and then we have a problem.    Perhaps it would be good for the politicians of your city to reflect on the words of a historian, who not long ago said, ?There is, indeed, a certain childish willfulness in the American mind that insists on chastising person of other ages for not being like them, or else, pretending that they were. Which is a certain way not to learn anything from history."   The question we have to ask ourselves is, do we want to persist in being “childish” and “willful” and continue to learn nothing from our history, or are we finally going to GROW UP!?    Regards   Bill Vallante Commack NY SCV Camp 1506 (Associate) 9th Va. Inf., Co. C., (Reenactor)  

Action, here is what you can do to help:

 New Confederate book released, "The Hunt for Confederate Gold"

A mystery, a thriller, and a love story all in one, The Hunt for Confederate Gold is based on one of America’s most intriguing unanswered questions: what happened to the Confederacy’s gold in 1865? And what might be the consequences if it were recovered today and returned to its rightful owners? And just who are the rightful owners, the U.S. Government, claiming it as contraband of a hundred-and-forty-year-old rebellion; or the Southern people?

The Hunt for Confederate Gold is not for the faint-of-heart, the easily deluded, the comfortable state-worshippers who treat every utterance from Washington as if it came down from Mount Sinai engraved in stone. It is an exciting journey into an unsolved mystery of the past and into the crises of the present. A book of overwhelming national significance, it strips the veil of falsehood from officialdom and illuminates the threats to our liberty and prosperity from those charged with safeguarding them - our own government.

Order your book now:

Confederate Battle Flags Across Alabama and Georgia Project Continues To Grow

Over 1500 Georgia Confederate Battle Flags installed in recent months.

 ANDALUSIA ALABAMA (CHF) - Confederate Heritage Fund's Battle Flags across Alabama Project has been enthusiastically received and the Fund has now installed over 160 Confederate Battle Flags and Flagpoles in Alabama since August, 2003 (see photos and map on web site).

Most of the 16 foot Flagpoles are in the front yards of peoples’ homes and promote the personal endorsement of the homeowners for our Confederate Veterans. Flag to their friends, neighbors, families and the public," stated Roger Broxton, President of Confederate Heritage Fund.

"This personal endorsement in turn causes others to display our Veterans' Battle Flag."

About 1/3 of these Flagpoles are on U.S., State or County Highways; 1/3 on major streets or in subdivisions; and 1/3 at off road locations.

 Confederate Flag on I-65 in Alabama draws attention. Nearly 60,000 people a day and about 2 million people a month see our flag.

Your local group can sponsor a flag.  Consider putting up a flag in a high traffic area for the next generation to see. Consider donating to the below groups, and better yet, ask your local organization to be involved in putting up a high traffic flag. Donate, support, and get your local group active.  Read more at

A Special Request From The Kennedy Brothers Who Wrote "The South Was Right!"

We are Ronald & Donald Kennedy, Southern activists and authors who have written and published three books The South Was Right!, Why Not Freedom! America's Revolt Against Big Government and Was Jefferson Davis Right? 

As most of you know we follow the tradition of the Vanderbilt University Agrarians, Richard Weaver, and Mel Bradford and are dedicated to defending the principles of our original Constitutional Republic of Republics and the truth of our honorable Southern Heritage.

Ronald Kennedy has just published a new book "Reclaiming Liberty” which is a call to action and plan to establish a “Liberty-Based Society” and recapture a Jacksonian democracy in which everyone enjoys the rights and prosperity envisioned by our forefathers. He presents workable solutions, supported by our original Constitution, to combat runaway taxation, federal interference, welfare abuse, and other current societal ills. 

In addition, we are considering a campaign for the Republican Party 2008 presidential nomination in order to promote our ideas across Dixie and the entire United States.

We respectively ask that you log on to our new Liberty Based Society  website at

and read more about our ideas which involved creating a decentralized movement not another membership organization. On the left side please sign up for our complimentary “Liberty in 2008” e-mail newsletter by entering your e-mail address and state of residence.  

We need a minimum of 5,000 proud Southerners and Americans who want to defend liberty and Southern heritage to subscribe as we go forward building a database of friends and compatriots interested in our ideas and the 2008 presidential campaign.

We will continue our life’s work in Reclaiming Liberty and to educate all Americans that The South Was Right! Our live interviews have been aired on thousands of radio and television stations nation wide and we have had the opportunity to meet many of you at SCV meetings and other Southern events.

This July 4th 2005 we began the campaign to reclaim our liberties and challenge the liberal elites controlling much of the national GOP with our planned 2008 political effort but we need your help.  Right now, we don’t want your financial contributions as money without a broad base of political activists and an educational effort is a waste of your time and financial resources.  We ask that you sign up for our “Liberty in 2008” e-mail newsletter and forward this e-mail to at least ten of your Southern friends and compatriots.

You do this and we will do our part and together we will begin the long march back from liberal big government tyranny and constant attacks on our Southern heritage and begin to restore our nation back to Liberty in 2008.

May God Save the South and restore our Constitutional Republic of Republics.

The Kennedy Campaign For A Liberty Based Society Our website:  E-mail:

More on Reclaiming Liberty at

Patriot and Confederate Flags, car tags. Outdoor pole kits. Everybody should be flying our flag.

Ron Taylor, produces Confederate Music CD

The CD is called, "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow".

13 songs, including: Dixie, Battle Hymn of Dixie and 11 more songs. Also included is "The Ballad of Miz Alberta", written and sung by Ron Taylor at the graveside of the Last Confederate Widow at her request. Ron Taylor is a professional singer and song writer and has shared the stage with Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton, and George Jones.  Ron Taylor also produced the motion picture, "Return of Josey Wales". For more information, call 334-469-5075 or email Cost of CD is $15. 

Send check to Ron Taylor, 4899 US Highway 84, Red Level, Al 36474    Ron Taylor is active in promoting our flag.