Katrina and Rita Relief Funds

SCV Disaster Relief Fund Information


As you all have no doubt seen Hurricane Katrina has wrought much damage across the Florida peninsula and along the Gulf Coast from extreme NW Florida to as far west as New Orleans, La.  Many of our compatriots will be affected by this catastrophic weather event.

Compatriots wishing to assist those compatriots who have suffered from the impact of this storm may send financial contributions to:

SCV Relief Fund
PO Box 59
Columbia, TN 38402

The SCV Relief Fund provides short term stipends to meet members needs when situations arise that impact member needs regarding food, shelter, medication or medical supplies. We must help our brothers. Members must make their needs known. Contact may be made through IHQ or any of the following committee members:

Douglas D. Dawson --Chairman
2421 Leruth Dr
Pensacola, Fl 32514-7736
1-877-473-5237 or 850-478-3398 

Jack A Bridwell Ph. D.
Po Box 1353
Moultrie, GA 31776

Donald G Shelton
110 Apple Grove
Nicholasville,  KY  40536


       The League of the South will undertake a relief fund for our members who were victims of Hurricane Katrina.

       Our first order of business has been to contact our members in south Alabama, south Mississippi, and southeast Louisiana who were in the storm's path. Thus far, we are happy to note that most of our members in Mobile and the surrounding areas of southwest Alabama have reported in safely with little major property damage. However, because of our inability to contact LS members in Mississippi and Louisiana, we have no idea about their status or specific needs. I can report, however, that Ron Kennedy and his family, who live in Mandeville (north of NO on the lake front), are safe in north Louisiana. Dr. and Mrs. Milburn Calhoun, owners of Pelican Publishers of Gretna, are also there and safe as well.

       Once we're able to confirm the status of our members from these areas, we will assess their needs, and then use the funds we've collected to provide for those needs. Because of the widespread destruction it is likely that the recovery period will stretch over many months.

       The LS Katrina Relief Fund will be administered by the LS Board of Directors. Funds will not be distributed until we can confirm the exact needs of our members and until we can actually deliver the goods. Obviously, some of our less well-off members will be placed at the top of the list for assistance. Any funds collected that are not used for this particular emergency will be sequestered in a separate account to be used for future emergency events.

       If you would like to help us help our own people, please send your non-tax-deductible donation, marked "Katrina Relief Fund" and made payable to the League, to

PO Box 760
Killen, Alabama 35645.

May God bless you and may He relieve the suffering of our people.

       On behalf of the LS Board of Directors,

Michael Hill
President, The League of the South



Pursuant to directions from Commander General Daniel Jones, the MOSB is formally announcing the process and procedure for the BEAUVOIR RELIEF FUND.  Cmdr. Jones has asked Army of Tennessee Commander Phillip Law to coordinate this relief effort.  I have spoken with Rick Forte, President of the Beauvoir board this morning.  Rick said some looting has occurred, and graphically described the destruction in and around the grounds.  Currently there are several folks onsite, but the temperature is stifling, and there is no electricity, water, etc.. All local stores on the beachfront are totally destroyed.
Commander Law, who resides in nearby Mobile, Alabama, will serve as the local coordinator of donations and the relief effort.  At this time, donations are urgently requested to be sent to:
Make checks/MO's payable to:  MOSB and reference "Beauvoir Relief Fund" in the Memo line.
PO Box 1274
Fairhope, AL  36533-1274
The Beauvoir employees who have stayed are under great physical hardship.  A separate plea for the use of a travel trailer and generators is also being made.  Those wishing to provide a travel trailer and/or generator are urged to contact Rick Forte directly at 601-268-3323. Emery Boards
Bumper Sticker
Hand Fans

Currently the following groups and entities are known to be sending relief moneys and aide for the Beauvoir Relief Fund: 
National MOSB $1,000; Stand Watie Camp #1303 (OK), Tandy Walker #729 (OK), Oklahoma Division; Indian Territory Society; DH Cooper Chapter (MOSB); Patrick R. Cleburne Chapter (MOSB).
GENTLEMEN, THIS IS NOT just an MOSB project.  EVERY SCV CAMP, BRIGADE AND DIVISION should participate.  Forward this email to the UDC, the Civil War Roundtables, and our numerous Friends of the Confederacy.  This is the time to rally all good Southern Folks.
Send your donations today, and we thank you for your support.
Jeff Massey
Past Cmdr. General & Life Member MOSB
[[reminder:: the  Military Order of the Stars & Bars is a 501c3 organization and your donation may be tax deductible]]


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