ESSAY CONTEST: Why Did Sonny Perdue LIE About The Georgia Flag?

The Southern Party of Georgia has published the entry requirements and information for the Why Did Sonny Perdue LIE About The Georgia Flag? Essay Contest. This information can be freely distributed.

Essay Contests:

We are sponsoring two Essay Contests; one open to ALL Georgia citizens on the subject of "Why Did Sonny Perdue LIE About The Georgia Flag?" The other is open to ALL non residents of Georgia. Will be interesting to see how far the infamy of Perdue has spread.

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The Essay Contest Entry Information is located below. The deadline for Essay submittal is December 1, 2005 and the winners will be announced on the Opening Day of the 2006 Legislative Session and a copy presented to all Legislators.

The prize for the winning Essay may be of interest. Many have heard the expression, " ... there is not a dimes worth of difference ..." Well just to show that the Southern Party of Georgia can be your golden opportunity to make a difference, the winners will receive a "dime coin."

But just like our goal of providing a Real Choice, this will be a Real Dime! It will be a gold dime, an American Eagle 1/10 of an ounce of gold piece.

Mostly likely re-minted by your federal government from gold stolen by your government, under Roosevelt, from you, your parents or your grandparents.

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Be sure and pass the information about this Essay Contest on to others. This is your chance to get a dime that is worth something and does make a difference and reclaim a small piece of your family's gold. Not to mention the opportunity for free download of Secret Chamber Man mp3 and to take part in a poll.

For complete information and Online Poll:


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