The Hunt for Confederate Gold

Banned in Boston. And in New York. �Too politically incorrect for mainstream publishers.� But loved throughout the South, and wherever the heart of liberty still beats.

Be part of the Southern literary event of the year, The Hunt for Confederate Gold, a stirring new novel by Thomas Moore.

The South has always been known for storytelling, one of its richest traditions. The Hunt for Confederate Gold springs from that same great Southern heritage. It grips your emotions as well as your intellect and will leave you satisfied in ways that few contemporary novels can equal.

A mystery, a thriller, and a love story all in one, The Hunt for Confederate Gold is based on one of America�s most intriguing unanswered questions: what happened to the Confederacy�s gold in 1865? And what might be the consequences if it were recovered today and returned to its rightful owners? And just who are the rightful owners, the U.S. Government, claiming it as contraband of a hundred-and-forty-year-old rebellion; or the Southern people?

The Hunt for Confederate Gold is not for the faint-of-heart, the easily deluded, the comfortable state-worshippers who treat every utterance from Washington as if it came down from Mount Sinai engraved in stone. It is an exciting journey into an unsolved mystery of the past and into the crises of the present. A book of overwhelming national significance, it strips the veil of falsehood from officialdom and illuminates the threats to our liberty and prosperity from those charged with safeguarding them � our own government.

Randy Hinshaw

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There are too few voices speaking for our ancient liberties, for the Republic bequeathed us by our Fathers, and for a humane vision of life � in other words, for the South. Thomas Moore is an exciting new voice in that tradition.

The Hunt for Confederate Gold is written not just about the South, but for the South; not just by a Southerner, but for Southerners. Powerfully and beautifully written, it captures the haunting beauty of the Southland and the ache in Southern hearts to preserve a proud heritage amid a rising tide of despotism and corruption as America tragically morphs into a soulless empire.

Michael Horton

  • If you love tales of lost treasure, coded messages, secret societies, and malevolent conspiracies;
  • If you refuse to follow the herd, with its shallow, mass-market, formula-driven, commercial fiction;
  • If you want something more when you read - depth of insight, moral power, and emotional impact;
  • If you prefer your stories 80-proof, aged in Southern oak, and distilled from the cold, clear waters of the Virginia hills;
  • If you love liberty, and understand it is the permanent blessing given only to the vigilant and the brave;

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    Then you need to read The Hunt for Confederate Gold.

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