Southern Heritage Issues in Alabama

Subject: Bob Riley, no friend to Confederates, Politically Correct


I spoke with John Schremser, secretary to Toby Roth, Chief of Staff today.  I expressed my outrage at Riley's reneging on the Confederate History & Heritage month proclamation.  I expressed to John a list of offenses that the gov. had committed against Alabamians since even BEFORE taking office.  He asked what could the governor do to get "back in our good graces?"  I said nothing short of climbing up the pole himself and putting the Confederate Battle Flag back on the Capitol Dome himself!  Then I said "Realistically, that is the ONLY thing he could do at this point to win our vote.  Roger Bedford himself told me that any sitting governor could, by the stroke of his pen, by executive order put the flag back on the dome."  Below is the list of offenses I outlined to John Schremser today that has been indicative that the governor is not conducive to the cries of his voting constituents, that it is obvious that he adheres only to 2% of the people; the blacks, the gays and atheists.  Please call the governor's office and express your outrage at his recent attack against us.  334-242-7100....please write hard copy letters or fax to 334-242-2766.

  a.. Lied about recognizing General Lee during the inauguration & Mrs. Riley gave a limp salute privately at the portrait of General Lee inside the Capitol building.

  b.. $1.2 billion historical tax increase on the people of Alabama while millions are being spent frivolously on needless projects such as the masterplans and other extravagant spending of state departments and agencies such as the Alabama Historical Commission and Nancy Worley's $30,000 plus automobile!

  c.. Attempted to combine Confederate Holidays which would in essence eclipse each other.

  d.. During legislative session continue to introduce "backdoor" tax bills, i.e., Home Rule,  in spite of the people of Alabama voting NO to your tax package! Mark Twain said as long as the legislature is out of session the people are safe!  This is an understatement today.

  e.. Responsible for the removal of Confederate officer and Alabama educator Jabez Curry's statue from Statuary Hall in DC and replaced by socialist Helen Keller's statue which is going to also be very costly to the taxpayers!

  f.. Sent me, Patricia S. Godwin your official state Christmas card addressed with the offensive title of "wizardess" and then sent your "hit & run" hit man Jeff Emerson to tell blatant lies in the newspaper and also compile a file on me, a private citizen of Alabama that had e-mails dated as far back as one week BEFORE you took office! I think the people of Alabama will wonder why you have this file on a private citizen and also this raises the question of how many other private citizens are you keeping files on. I view this as an invasion of privacy and an infringement upon my civil rights! How does one person out of literally thousands of Christmas cards sent get labeled with the title of "wizardess"?

  g.. 2005 Confederate History & Heritage month have reneged on removing the slavery language that Don Siegelman had written previously in his proclamation which is literally a lie about the War of Northern Aggression!

  h.. Governor's Mansion Management: Why are you putting virtually blacks only in charge of the management of the governors mansion?

  Alabama Historical Commission - for months you ignored every plea to dismiss Dr. Lee Warner... until finally we got the attention of the State Board of Examiners to do an audit of the have read the report by now I am certain. Our recommendation is to dissolve the a previous auditor stated, "It is broke and cannot be fixed". This is an EXTREMELY abusive agency of the taxpayers money.

  i.. Your refusal to stand with Judge Roy Moore against federal tyranny usurping the powers of the state. You did not acknowledge the natural law of God, you did not fulfill the duties of your office by supporting and defending the Constitution of Alabama. This is indicative that you are in collaboration with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  j.. Named Hank Sanders to be the Committee Chairman for the Black Belt Studies......Hank Sanders and his terrorist wife, Faya Rose Toret' Sanders, ARE THE PROBLEM IN THE BLACK BELT!!!

  k.. Governor Riley, I watched you at the Confederate Memorial Day Service last looked absolutely MISERABLE being did not even wear a tie to this auspicious occasion. It was obvious also that you did not write that speech.  Your actions towards the Southern Heritage people do not match your words! 

Remember, Governor Riley, you won by only a slight 3000 vote margin. Those winning votes came from our statewide grassroots effort to get Don Siegelman out of office.

We got the un-elected former governor Jim Folsom out of office because he took our flag down from the statehouse dome and he replaced the correctly displayed Confederate Battle flag at the 8 Alabama Welcoming Centers with the 1st National Flag of the Confederacy. This flag is NOT a part of the Alabama Coat of Arms which this flag display represents! Folsom even wanted state paid body guards after he went out of office "because he was the governor who took the Confederate Battle Flag down" as was reported in the newspapers.

WE got rid of Don Siegelman because he would not finish the restoration of the Confederate Monument. We got rid of Don Siegelman because he appointed Lee Warner as AHC Director and when we proved him detrimental to the state of Alabama fiscally and historically he ignored us as you have done for the most part. We got rid of Don Siegelman because he allowed Alvin Holmes to dictate the Alabama's License Plate Motto "HEART OF DIXIE" to be reduced to a microdot and put "Stars fell on Alabama" prominently on the car tag. This is in violation of the 1951 Legislative Act .....HEART OF DIXIE is the MOTTO of the State of Alabama car tag.......and WE WILL DEFEND OUR RIGHTS by getting YOU out of office!

Jim Folsom was a NO-termer;  Don Siegelman was a will join those ranks! You won't have to worry about the Democrats......WE WILL GET BOB RILEY OUT OF OFFICE!

Confederately yours,

Patricia S. Godwin




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