Confederate Heritage Fund's
Battle Flags Across Alabama Project

We install Battle Flags and flagpoles FREE of charge in the front yards of people's homes in Alabama.

Our project has been enthusiastically received and we have now installed 30 flagpoles in the front yards of Alabamians, from the Florida line to the Tennessee line, displaying our Veterans' Confederate Battle Flag.

Our flagpole is 16 feet high above the ground with 2 feet below the ground set into a 2 foot section of 2 inch PVC, which is then immersed in concrete. We use 1 7/8 inch galvanized steel pipe topped with a cap and then attach a 3 x 5 foot Confederate Battle Flag.

It cost us about $60 to erect each flagpole. (Please see enclosed photo.) Some are on highways with great exposure, some in neighborhoods and some in the country. But all are in the front yards of people's homes and promote the personal endorsement of the homeowners for our Veterans' Flag to their friends, family and the public.

This personal endorsement in turn causes others to display the Battle Flag. We now have over 100 requests for Battle Flags and poles to be installed but not enough money to pay for the Flags, poles, and installation. Will you help us? Please send a generous donation to:

Confederate Heritage Fund
P.O. Box 771
Andalusia, Alabama 36420

Please make your check payable to Confederate Heritage Fund and then write on the bottom left of your check, For: Battle Flags Across Alabama.

All donors will receive our Quarterly Update Newsletter informing them of this project, as well as, our other projects from political campaigns and lawsuits, to legislation and Memorials.

If you wish for us to erect a Battle Flag atop a 16 foot steel flagpole in your front yard in Alabama, FREE of any charge to you, please send your name, home street address (no P.O. Box numbers) and phone number to us at the above address.

If you, your organization or your camp wish to give 50% matching funds for specific Flags installed in your area, we will install those first. Please give details of where Flags are to be installed with your donation.

If you, your organization or your camp know of anyone willing to donate the use of their land located on the Interstate or Major Highway and willing to help with financing the installation of an 8x12 foot Battle Flag atop a 45 foot flagpole on this land, would be about $1,500. Please write us.

ANDALUSIA (CHF) - Confederate Heritage Fund's Battle Flags Across Alabama Project has been enthusiastically received and the Fund has now installed over 120 Confederate Battle Flags and Flagpoles since August, 2003. Read more at: Battle Flags Across Alabama

Read more about the Alabama Confderates at: Alabama Confederate League



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