Installed over 2,000 24 ft. Flagpoles with True Georgia State Flag.

At a cost of $35.00 per pole are you ready to start displaying Your Flag? If every Southern organization placed only 10, we would Cover Dixie Like The Dew!

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25,000 Let Us Vote Yard Signs covered Georgia from state line to state line. brings this capability to all Southern States.

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Confederate Heritage Fund's Battle Flags Across Alabama Project

We install Battle Flags and flagpoles FREE of charge in the front yards of people's homes in Alabama.

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This Week In History Confederate Heritage

June 27, 444:
Cyril, patriarch of Alexandria and author of several writings on the dual natures of Christ, dies. He opposed Nestorius, who supposedly taught there were two separate persons in the Incarnate Christ, one divine and the other human. Historians doubt, however, whether or not Nestorius actually taught this. In any case, Cyril deposed Nestorius in 430.

June 28, 1491:
Henry VIII, the "Defender of the faith" who broke with Rome when the pope would not grant him a divorce, is born in Greenwich, England.

June 28, 1577:
Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens, who sympathized with the Jesuit movement and the Counter Reformation, is born. Among his most famous works are Raising of the Cross (1610) and Descent from the Cross (1611).


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