Flag Pole instructions:

I am going to a fence wholesaler and buying 2" galvanized poles 24' long and .065 gage. They cost about $20 each with a cap.

I buy 2" PVC pipe and cut them about 18" long.

I buy 2 1/4" X 3" I bolts.

I buy 2 hooks (as on a dog collar chain).

First I find a site off the right of way and clear of the trees and electric wires, usually closer to the house than the water meter. Then dig a hole about 18 or 20 inches.

Drill a 1/4" hole near the top of the pole after you install the cap. Insert an I-bolt through the pole and tighten.

Next open the eye with large pliers and attach the hook. Then press the I-Bolt closed.

Then hook the top grommet of your flag to the hook. Measure the flag for your second hook location and drill another hole.

 Repeat the drilling, I-bolt, and hook installation. Hook the flag to this second hook. Cut off the threaded part of the I-bolts extending past the nut so they will not tear your flag.

Place the PVC 18" pipe on the bottom end of your pole. Let one man stand on the end of the pole while another lifts it straight up and both men should lift it and place it in the center of the hole. Pour concrete mix in the hole, pour in some water and pack. 

Level the pole.

Next time (about 6 Months), simply lift the pole out of the PVC pipe, lay it down, hook on a new flag, and stick it back in the PVC for another 6 months of service. 

The total cost per pole hardware, cement and flag should be about $33.00 using a 4X6' Georgia flag. Good luck.

I install them this way so that the homeowners will not take our heritage flags down. One could install only one I-bolt to the pole and install a pulley and rope for another method.



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