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The Confederate battle flag, called the "Southern Cross" or the cross of St. Andrew, has been described variously as a proud emblem of Southern heritage. In the past, several Southern states flew the Confederate battle flag along with the U.S. and state flags over their statehouses. The Southern Caucus provides information to promote our southern heritage.

Dixie Daily News

The Dixie Daily News, a prominent southern voice in the South. The Dixie Daily News has endorsed, Congressman Ron Paul for President. Ron Paul has some shared some interesting thoughts on history of the War Between the States, and his comments are viewed as pro southern, as well as in support of States Rights. Ron Paul told Tim Russert that he believes that the Civil War was unnecessary and that the north should have bought the slaves back from the south to end slavery.

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Ron Paul has always been a friend to the South and Confederate causes. Ron Paul has spoken at events of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Ron Paul is also closely tied to the Ludwig Von Mises institute. The SPLC labels the Ludwig Von Mises a confederate leaning organization. Ron Pauls former chief of staff, Lew Rockwell, Pauls close friend and former chief of staff heads the organization. Of the Civil War, Rockwell said it, transformed the American regime from a federalist system based on freedom to a centralized state that circumscribed liberty in the name of public order. Ludwig Von Mises publications have been very supportive of southern secession. Several members of the League of The South, which credits Rockwell as a founding member, have spoken and give presentations at the Von Mises Institute. This part of the Ron Paul revolution. Ron Paul President 2012
Ron Paul Revolution 2012

Ron Paul has also been publicly endorsed the works of Thomas Dilorenzo. Dilorenzo is a senior faculty member at the Von Mises institute and also an affiliated scholar of the confederate League Of The South. Dilorenzo has published several books about the civil war. In “The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War,” Dilorenzo argues that the Civil war was a war to prevent southern independence and blames Lincoln for the war while defending the Confederacy. Ron Paul would use that book to back up his claim that the Civil War was an unnecessary war that Lincoln was to blame for on MSNBC.

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Several pro confederate groups, including the Dixie Daily News, endorsed Ron Paul for President in 2008. Read more about news Ron Paul for President at:
Ron Paul for President

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Due to the recent comments made by candidates for president Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson about the Confederate Flag, The Sons of Confederate Veterans issued a statement condemning both of them. The Sons of Confederate Veterans are very closely associated with other heritage organizations such as: military order of stars and bars, order of the confederate rose and United Daughters of the Confederacy among others. There are literally hundreds of thousands of voters who tend to lean Conservative that should be contacted.

Sarah Palin and Mitt Romeny have let us down. Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney Mitt Romney
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Save Colonel Reb at Ole Miss Ole Miss Confederate

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More information and documentation of the candidates and our flag. George Wallace told us to send them a message.

Rebel Flag History

During the Civil War, many Southern states left the Union. These Confederate or "Rebel" states wanted their own flag to fly. The first Rebel flag that flew over the Confederacy, was the Bonnie Blue. The Bonnie Blue was never adopted by the confederacy, but it was loved by the people. Officially, the first Rebel flag was the Stars and Bars. The Stars and Bars flew from March 1861 to May of 1863. Unfortunately this Rebel flag looked too much like the Union's Stars and Stripes. The Confederate states as a southern caucus decided to look further for a more unique design. The best-known Rebel flag was the Confederate Battle Flag, also known as the "Southern Cross". The Battle flag was carried by Confederate troops during battle. So, on May 1st,1863, the second Confederate flag design was adopted, placing the Battle Flag as the canton on a white field. It was named the Stainless Banner. This Rebel flag was mistaken for a truce flag when guns were firing in calm weather, since it would just hang with mostly white showing. This led the Confederacy to debate, decide and create the third Official Rebel flag. On March 4th,1865, a new pattern was adapted. It was the same as the previous design, but with a wide, red stripe on the fly end. The third flag did not last long, since the guns of the war came to an end. It was called the Last Confederate flag. There is no debate that the Confederate Battle flag is the most recognized Rebel flag. Many people know it from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show. The Rebel flag was painted on the top of the Duke Boys' car, the General Lee. The Confederate flag has also appeared on several southern state flags at one time or another. The only state to keep the Rebel flag as part of their state flag presently, is Mississippi.

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Abraham Lincoln should without a doubt or debate can be named America's greatest war criminal. His war of invasion not only killed over 600,000 innocent Americans but it was obvious from his earlier speeches that he had previously advocated the prevalent constitutional right of democratic, state by state secession. Lincoln's War also effectively overthrew the existing decentralized, limited federal government that had existed and governed well in the US since established by America's founding fathers. Lincoln bastardized a respected federal government with limited powers into a dictatorial, uncontrollable Washington federal empire that wishes to control us and our guns.

Because of Lincoln, the former American constitutional republic fell from a dream of liberty and limited government into the nightmare big government we have today without the earlier checks and balances of state sovereignty. After Lincoln, In foreign policy, the US forgot George Washington's warning about neutrality and we became an aggressive military abroad until today we have troops defending the Washington Empire in over 144 nations around the world.

The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connections as possible. It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances, with any portion of the foreign world.George Washington

Lincoln shares his war criminal actions with other well know tyrants that waged war on their own people. History shows us that politicians make war against their own citizens even more than against foreign nations. The reasons are often to establish and preserve their power base, as was the case in the Russian Revolution and the Mao Revolution. For others, like Hitler, it was misguided super patriotism and racism that brought death to tens of millions. Sadly, in the case of Abraham Lincolns war against the Confederacy and Southern civilians, it was all for money, company profits and government tariff revenues. A simple case of political pay back in return for the Northeastern manufacturing interests that supported the Republican Party and his campaign for the presidency.

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Gun Control - Debates about Second Amendment

The Southern Caucus is every ready to protect our gun rights. The gun control debates continue. Gun Control Debate

Early in his career, Abraham Lincoln was an honorable statesman who let election year politics and the special interests supporting his presidential campaign corrupt a once great man. He knew what he was doing was wrong and unconstitutional but succumbed, as in the case of many modern day politicians, to the allure of money, power and ego. The southern caucus points out that Lincoln over powered the Constitution. Parker Griffith ,

Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right - a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world. Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people, that can, may revolutionize, and make their own of so much of the territory as they inhabit.

How pro life is Sarah Palin Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney Mitt Romney

** Abraham Lincoln January 12, 1848

This quote above shows Lincoln as a statesman 12 years before he plunged the United States into its most disastrous war. Suffering a death toll so high in death rates as a percentage of total population, his act of carnage ranks with the political genocides of Stalin, Lenin and Mao during their communist revolutions. A death toll so great that it dwarfs the American deaths in all of our many declared and undeclared wars before and since this American holocaust of death and destruction.

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