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There were many who set the example for us to follow. See the Southern Heritage information below.

Southern Heritage - Where do the Presidential Candidates Stand?

Virgil Goode - Constitution Party - Pro States Rights - Pro Southern

SCV Recognizes Congressman Virgil Goode
Virginia legislator receives prestigious Stephen D. Lee Award
The Sons of Confederate Veterans recognized one of the South's great patriots, Virginia United States Representative Virgil H. Goode, Jr. of Virginia's 5th District, December 5 during a special ceremony at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn @ Key Bridge in Arlington. Rep. Goode was presented the General Stephen D. Lee Award which is the SCV's highest honor for a non-member. The presentation was made by SCV Commander-in-Chief Christopher M. Sullivan .
Rep. Goode had been conferred with this award at the SCV's 2007 General Reunion in Mobile, Alabama.

"Virgil Goode earned this honor by conducting himself in office as our forebears and Founding Fathers would want their elected representatives to behave," said Army of Northern Virginia Councilman Brag Bowling in introducing Rep. Goode. "Congressman Goode has lived up to a conservative, states' rights vision of how the United States government should be run. With Virgil Goode, you know that he will represent you with honor, courage, dignity and sincerity."
"It would be hard to forget when Virgil Goode stepped up to the plate during the Lincoln statue controversy in Richmond by questioning the actions of the National Park Service," Councilman Bowling continued. "For this, he was criticized in the press but Virgil was proven correct in the long run."
In making the official presentation, Commander-in-Chief Sullivan praised Rep. Goode's commitment to "the permanent things." "Congressman Goode understands the importance of principle over popularity," Sullivan said. "He shows, everyday, that one doesn't have to sacrifice his ideals in order to be a success in Washington."
Virgil Goode is the Presidential Nominee of the Constitution Party
Constitutuion Party

Barack Obama - Confederate Heritage - Robert E. Lee

Barack Obama Through his mother, related to Robert E. Lee
Family Relationship of General Robert E. Lee Army of Northern Virginia

5th cousin 8 times removed to Barack Obama 44th U.S. President

Barack Obama in an article in USA Today, says this about Robert E. Lee:  
I am seriously glad to be here tonight at the annual Alfalfa dinner. I know that many you are aware that this dinner began almost one hundred years ago as a way to celebrate the birthday of General Robert E. Lee. If he were here with us tonight, the general would be 202 years old. And very confused.

There's an interesting article at about the genealogy of our presidential hopefuls.
According to the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Sen. Barack Obama has family ties to: President George Bush, Winston Churchill, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, artist Georgia O'Keefe, actor Brad Pitt, Robert E. Lee and two signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Obama, the son of a white woman from Kansas and a black man from Kenya, is "related to millions of contemporary Americans - perhaps even a significant percentage of the population," the researchers said.
He is cousins with six U.S presidents, including Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman and Gerald Ford. He is also linked to American artist Georgia O'Keefe, the Duchess of Windsor and two men who signed the Declaration of Independence.
Most surprisingly, Obama -- the man who could become America's first African-American president -- is linked by ancestry to have southern confederate heritage to Robert E. Lee, who commanded the armies of the Southern slave-holding states during the American civil war.

Mitt Romney and Confederate Flag

Mitt Romeny says: "That flag frankly, is divisive and shouldn't be shown. Right now with the kinds of issues we've got in this country, I'm not going to get involved with a flag like that." "The people of our country have decided not to fly that flag. I think that's the right thing."

Sons of Confederate Veterans Responds to Mitt Romney
Press Release Dec 3, 2007 -- Sons of Confederate Veterans leader Christopher M. Sullivan issued the following statement in response to the CNN Republican debate Wednesday 28 November. "Mitt Romney proposes himself to be president of the United States but last night he clearly demonstrated not only his ignorance of American history but also his contempt for Southerners who love and respect their Confederate ancestors. "Gov. Romney went way over the line when he attacked Southerners for respecting the historical significance of the Confederate flag. Perhaps the citizens of his state of Massachusetts still hate Southerners, but Gov. Romney should not expect us to accept his outrageous attack on Southern heritage."

Donald Trump
Donald Trump makes pro Confederate remarks. Trump blew hard on the dog whistle, saying that Obama should "get off the basketball court," and later called Confederate rebels "wonderful," "beautiful," "romantic," and "great." Interesting words from a Yankee from New York. Trump donated money to help restore the house of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Turns out the Donald ponied up $25,000 for the post-Katrina restoration of Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis's retirement estate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Donald Trump, as as gambling boss, also donated money to the Obama campaign for President.

Ron Paul for President

The Dixie Daily News, a prominent southern voice in the South. The Dixie Daily News has endorsed, Congressman Ron Paul for President (2008). Ron Paul has some shared some interesting thoughts on history of the War Between the States, and his comments are viewed as pro southern, as well as in support of States Rights. Ron Paul has spoken at events of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Ron Paul told Tim Russert that he believes that the Civil War was unnecessary and that the north should have bought the slaves back from the south to end slavery. Ron Paul, presidential candidate, has been favorable towards southern heritage. Read about Ron Paul at: Ron Paul for President

Ron Paul is also closely tied to the Ludwig Von Mises institute. The SPLC labels the Ludwig Von Mises a neo-confederate organization. Ron Paul's former chief of staff, Lew Rockwell, Paul close friend and former chief of staff heads the organization. Ludwig Von Mises publications have been very supportive of southern secession. Ron Paul has also been publicly endorsed the works of Thomas Dilorenzo. Dilorenzo is a senior faculty member at the Von Mises institute and also an affiliated scholar of the League Of The South.

So what is the news media conspiracy about Ron Paul: Ron Paul for President 2012
Ron Paul on Slavery and the Civil War

Mike Huckabee
At a media availability Thursday night in Columbia Huckabee was asked to clarify his comments and whether or not he supports the flying of the Confederate flag. He refused to answer the question at hand, saying only that it was a state issue that doesn't concern the President. "it is not an issue that the President of The United States needs to weigh in on," adding that he had the support of many African Americans in Arkansas while serving as Governor.

Judge Roy Moore has announced for president. As a president he should be favorable towards states rights and our southern heritage. Judge Roy Moore for President Judge Roy Moore - Standing with us.

No doubt Judge Moore takes the trophy for promoting and standing for states rights. Further, Judge Moore allowed his office building that houses the Foundation of Moral Law, to hold a conference for the 2010 Alabama Secession Day Commemoration, featuring speakers tied to the League of the South, Like Franklin Sanders, and Pat Godwin. Also pro Confederates like John Eidsmoe, and Chuck Baldwin:
Judge Roy Moore for President in 2012

Rick Perry for President

Below info contains documentation of Governor Rick Perry of Texas. Rick Perry has hand picked to be party of the Republican establishment team in Texas, as he became Texas Governor, with the election of George Bush as President. As Governor, Rick Perry did nothing to angry the Confederates of Texas, as he stayed away from being politically correct and never once criticized the Confederate Flag or those associated with it. He signed a proclamation in March 1999 recognizing April as Confederate History and Heritage Month in Texas. While Rick Perry could be considered a friend, he also did not stand that strong for our cause. As one article says, "Rick Perry Perry may look a lot like George W. Bush".
He was never strong like Haley Barbour.
See documentation and comments below.

Rick Perry How Politically Correct?

Late last week stories flooded Texas newspapers, and the airwaves about the efforts of one Not-for-profit veterans’ organization attempt to get a specialty license plate in Texas. Texas has issued more than 100 specialty plates, and has never turned down an application. But times they may be a changing, as Texas Department of Transportation waffles on a request made by the Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans ( S.C.V. )for a plate. the controversy? The seal of the S.C.V. is nothing less than the crimson cross of the Confederate battle flag!

For Rick Perry, whose aspirations for the White House seem to be blooming, this issue is a preliminary litmus test. You see the typical way to prove your moderation, or your development as an acceptable southerner is to turn your back on your own people. Perry has not been mister Courage in Texas. Last year when Arizona stood alone against the national media in its fight to gain control of the open borders of the state, Governor Rick Perry of Texas was nowhere to be found. Nope he was silent. While he has made speeches in the state, and apparently out of the state, chastising the US government for it's lack of border enforcement, he has done nothing as governor of the states with the longest international boundary. Just last week Mexican military forces crossed into Texas for a brief moment. But, Perry has not been a voice on this issue, not done anything to spur federal action.

But the battle flag is undeniably the most recognized symbol of the South in the South, in the United States, and across the globe. No other region in the United States has a symbol, much less a symbol so universally recognized. Until political correctness came along, and the agenda of social engineers to homogenize the United States, schools across the South played Dixie proudly. If you look at movies made in the 30's through the 60's you will hear Dixie and see the Confederate battle flag as sentimental symbols of regional pride used to stir the martial attitudes of much of the nation. When the wall fell in Berlin at the end of the Cold War, the Confederate battle flag was there! Why? Because across the world, the crimson flag is a symbol of opposition to an oppressive government!
Many other southern states already have the plates which the SCV seeks in Texas. In every Court battle concerning these plates, the Sons of Confederate Veterans have prevailed. So will Governor Perry save taxpayers the expense of an expensive Court battle they will surely lose? Or will he allow his administration to block freedom of speech and go to Court so that he can appear to be some kind of compassionate conservative. Rick Perry may be compassionate, but his record indicates he is no conservative! Read more details at
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Rock Star Ted Nugent wears Confederate Flag to the inaugural ball of Rick Perry. Governor Perry okay with that.

AUSTIN, Texas — Rocker Ted Nugent says Gov. Rick Perry had no problem with his decision to wear a Confederate flag shirt during his appearance at last week's inaugural ball — and even complimented his performance. Nugent, 58, said Perry talked to him backstage after the black-tie event, complimenting him on "the greatest rock 'n' roll" and thanking him for coming, several newspapers reported on Jan. 23. The governor also called over the weekend, ending the conversation by telling Nugent to "give 'em hell," Nugent was quoted as saying. Perry spokesman Robert Black said the governor wouldn't wear such a shirt, but told Nugent he has the right to wear whatever he wants. "If you're going to defend freedom of expression, then you're going to have to defend all freedom of expression," Black said. When asked if Perry would have invited Nugent if he had known what he would wear, Black said: "Yes."

Gov. Rick Perry said it best: "Like it or not, the Confederacy is a part of our history." The building where the plaques reside houses the Texas Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals and was built with money donated by a Confederate Widows Fund.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans Web site has a copy of a resolution issued by Gov. Rick Perry in March 1999 recognizing April as Confederate History and Heritage Month in Texas. WHEREAS , Confederate Memorial Day in April is a time for all Texans to honor those men and women who died for Texas, and also all the Texans who came afterward and benefitted from their legacy of honor and devotion to our state; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas, 76th Legislature, hereby recognize April as Confederate History and Heritage Month in the State of Texas and encourage all Texas schools and citizens to join in efforts to become more knowledgeable of the role of the Confederate States of America in the history of our country.

The other Republican candidates wear their home states far more lightly. Yes, Michele Bachmann has something of a Minnesota accent, but it's not as though anyone has a negative reaction to Minnesota, or you're going to hear Mitt Romney speak and say, "Sheesh, he's just too Massachusetts for me." It's not just about the accent, though. If you come up through Southern politics, particularly in the Republican Party, Southern cultural identity -- and resentment directed at the rest of the country -- are probably going to be baked into your political style. Rick Perry Perry may look a lot like George W. Bush

Herman Cain for President

Herman Cain has avoided making statements about the Confederate Flag.
In a recent interview he said, “My great, great grandparents were slaves, and now I’m running for president of the United States of America,” he says later. “Is this a great country or what?” He also upset many Tea Party supporters when he stated that African Americans are too poor to tea party. “They can’t afford to,” Cain said. Cain has no chance because African American myopia will vote for anyone who is a democrat without out question. former Bush adviser Karl Rove conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer who said his campaign was all about “entertainment.” My reality is that Cain’s experiences is closer to mine than Obama. Most do not know that it was democrats that fought against integration, both in the North and South. That it were the “Democrat-controlled state legislatures in the South that placed the Confederate battle flag on their state capitol flags.” That the democrats founded the KKK (the first Grand Wizard of KKK- Nathan Bedford Forrest was honored at Democratic National Convention of 1868) and the Council of Conservative Citizens. That no democrat voted for the 14th amendment (Then Senator John F. Kennedy – with an eye on the Democrat presidential nomination for 1960 – voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

Herman Cain youtube interviews

Herman Cain- Actual stands and documentation on the issues:

Herman Cain Republican Quotes
Herman Cain for President

Haley Barbour
Despite the politically correctness at Ole Miss, Mississippi does have the most pro Confederate Flag Governor in the South. To the credit of Haley Barbour, the Mississippi Flag is proudly displayed on highway patrol cars and if front of state buildings. We remember how Haley Borbour was 9 points behind in the polls in the race for Mississippi Governor, and out came the yard sign, with the Confederate Mississippi Flag, Keep the Flag, Change The Governor. The famous conversation between White House strategist Karl Rove and Haley Barbour. Karl Rove wanted the politically correct way and keep the Confederate Flag out of it the Mississippi governors election. Haley Barbour to his credit promoted the Confederate Flag. The Mississippi Republican Party had 25,000 Mississippi Confederate Flag yard signs made and distributed throwout the state. Poll numbers immediately changed and Haley Barbour won by 8 points, thanks to his sticking to the Mississippi Confederate Flag. Read more at: Ole Mississippi Confederate Flag

Arlington National Cemetery - Confederate Monument

This story is about the Heroes of "Dixie" who are Commemorated during Confederate History and Heritage Month in April; proclamations are to be signed by Governors, Mayors and County Commissioners in their remembrance and honor.

The world famous Arlington National Cemetery is located in the shadow of the Curtis-Lee Mansion (Arlington House) that was home to General Robert E. Lee and family until 1861 at the beginning of the War Between the States. And most of us know how the information that the federal government seized Robert E. Lee's home for taxes during the War of Northern Aggression. This cemetery is on the Virginia side of the Potomac River; Washington, D.C. is across the river. Around the turn of the century 1900, this country also honored the men who fought for the Confederacy. This site of men who fought for "Dixie" is located in section 16. There is an inscription on the 32.5 foot high Confederate monument at Arlington National Cemetery that reads, "An Obedience To Duty As They Understood it; These Men Suffered All; Sacrificed All and Died!" Day - 20 Confederate Heritage Month Minute By: Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. Arlington National Cemetery. This story is about the Heroes of "Dixie" who are Commemorated during Confederate History and Heritage Month in April; proclamations are to be signed by Governors, Mayors and County Commissioners in their remembrance and honor.

The world famous Arlington National Cemetery is located in the shadow of the Curtis-Lee Mansion (Arlington House) that was home to General Robert E. Lee and family until 1861 at the beginning of the War Between the States. This cemetery is on the Virginia side of the Potomac River; Washington, D.C. is across the river.
Around the turn of the century 1900, this country also honored the men who fought for the Confederacy. This is preserving our southern heritage of the South. This site of men who fought for
"Dixie" is located in section 16. There is an inscription on the 32.5 foot high Confederate monument at Arlington National Cemetery that reads,
"An Obedience To Duty As They Understood it; These Men Suffered All; Sacrificed All and Died!"

Some claim this Confederate Monument at Arlington may have been the first to honor Black Confederates. Carved on this monument is the depiction of a Black Confederate who is marching in step with the White soldiers. Also shown is a White Confederate who gives his child to a Black Woman for safe keeping.
In 1906, the United Daughters of the Confederacy asked permission from William Howard Taft to erect a monument. Taft was at the time serving as the United States Secretary of War and was in charge of National Cemeteries. With his permission, the Arlington Confederate Memorial Association was formed and the UDC were given authority to oversee work on the monument.
An agreement and contract was made with Sir Moses Ezekiel--a Jewish Confederate Veteran--the record of his service at the Battle of New Market while he was a Cadet at Virginia Military Institute. Work started at his workshop in Italy in 1910, and upon his death in 1917, the Great Sculptor was brought back home and buried near the base of the Arlington Confederate Monument. Sir Moses Ezekiel was honored in his life by being Knighted by the German and Italian Governments.

The Southern Heritage of the South

On June 4, 1914, the Arlington monument was unveiled to a crowd of thousands that included former Confederate and Union soldiers. WE in the south are proud of our southern heritage. The Memorial Event was presided over by President Woodrow Wilson and the people applauded the stirring speeches given by: General Bennett H. Young, Commander In Chief of the United Confederate Veterans; General Washington Gardner, Commander In Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic and Colonel Robert E. Lee, grandson of General Lee.

The Confederate monument unveiling was concluded by a 21 gun salute and the Arlington monument was officially given to the United Daughters of the Confederacy and was given back to the U.S. War Department for keeping and accepted by President Woodrow Wilson who said: "I am not so happy as PROUD to participate in this capacity on such an occasion, Proud that I represent such a people."

Kate Cumming, Confederate Nurse

Kate Cumming was a remarkable woman. Born in Edinburgh, England, in 1835, her family first made their move to Montreal Canada. They would move next to Mobile, Alabama, where Kate,as young woman, quickly adopted to the Southern way of life. It has been written that Cumming was intelligent and courageous in all she did. Kate did not support secession, but, when the South was invaded, she was quick to criticize the actions of Union President Abraham Lincoln. She became a strong supporter of the Confederate cause and looked down at those Southerners who were less patriotic. She believed that every able bodied man and woman should do whatever they could for the South.

In 1862, Kate Cumming helped wounded soldiers at the Battle of Shiloh and in that summer helped in such places as Corinth and Chattanooga. She enlisted in the Confederate armies medical department as a hospitals Matron. Kate was strong in her opinion and an outgoing woman. Her assertiveness would help her work with Dr. S.H. Staub, who believed in the use of woman in hospitals. Kate was known for running very efficient and clean hospital wards and in seeing to every need of the patients and keeping a adequate kitchen.

After the War between the States, in 1866, Kate Cumming published in Mobile, Alabama the "Journal of Hospital Life in the Southern Wartime Hospitals." She also believed that Southern women should take an active part in helping disabled ex-Confederate soldiers.


Kate Cumming never married but she got involved with her friends of such Southern organizations like the United Daughters of the Confederacy and United Confederate Veterans.

By: Calvin E. Johnson, Jr.,

Robert E. Lee Southern Heritage

Southern heritage background of Robert E Lee
When the crisis of secession came in 1861, Robert Edward Lee was considered a stellar American patriot. No military man had the leadership ability and confidence of fellow military men like Lee. This is evidenced by the fact that when the War began, Mr. Lincoln offered Robert E. Lee command of the Union forces. Please consider the scenario here. This young man had devoted his life to the service of the Union. He had trained to serve the military of the Union. His father and his uncles were part of the founding of this Union. Now, his lifelong dream had been realized as he could follow the steps of his hero Washington as commander of the Union. This was the most agonizing choice Lee ever faced. Unlike the fire eaters like Edmund Ruffin, Robert Toombs and William Lowndes Yancey, Lee initially opposed secession, feeling it not the wisest immediate course. So, how could Lee ever turn down this magnificent offer?

Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Less Traveled", concludes with "I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." We are here today because Lee took the road less traveled by. He chose principle over expediency. Have you considered what would have happened if Lee had taken Mr. Lincoln's offer? Well, for starters, he would have been the North's most brilliant officer and would likely have shortened the War. But Lee's greatness is not diminished due to providence determining that our side lost. Lee's choice was to do that which was right. Lee may have been made President of these United States, may have died a rich man but Lee made a choice that enabled him to die with a clear conscience. He stood for that which he knew to be right. We thrill at the Biblical stories of Daniel, cast in a den of lions, of little David and his defeat of the wicked giant Goliath with just a sling shot and the three Hebrew children who were cast into the fiery furnace, but yet protected by God. But there are other Biblical examples. John the Baptist was beheaded, early martyrs torn apart by lions and our Lord crucified on a tree. Right is not guaranteed to prevail in this life. Lee understood that he had no guarantee of earthly success, but he chose to do right by standing on the Constitution and in defense of his native Virginia. A man of southern heritage.
Then you need to read The Hunt for Confederate Gold.

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